The REAL Reason YOU Can Be A Rapper

The REAL Reason YOU Can Be A Rapper

In today’s article I want to explain why no matter who you are or WHERE you are… you CAN be a rapper. 

As somebody that has spent the last half decade creating what we’re proud to say is the world’s first rap coaching company… 

…And we’re humbled to see so many other channels and businesses emulating the our model…

…But as somebody who started this company six years SPECIFICALLY to see new artists thrive…

The REAL reason you CAN become a rapper is something I’m proud to reveal to you… 

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Me, Be A Rapper?

Now, a little backstory about me: 

I started rapping at age 14 and initially I think I just wanted to be EXACTLY like my favorite artists, Jay-Z, Eminem, Kanye… people like that…

…But deep down I think it was a way to gain acceptance at school because I always felt like “the new guy”… 

(I moved around a lot in school AND I never felt like I fully fit in anywhere)

Now, back in this era… in order to be a “rapper” you had basically either be cooler than cool or more dangerous than danger.

Rap used to be an artform pretty much exclusively reserved for the most gangsta and the most gutter…

…At least if you were into mainstream rap and were consuming it to partially feel accepted like I was at the time.

I’m mentioning this because it’s absolutely CRUCIAL for you to understand what rap WAS so that when I explain the reason why YOU CAN, no matter who you are, become a rapper…

…You’ll be able to see the main opening for you to have an AMAZING career here today.

On Tour In Dubai (literally)

In any case, I spent the next 5-10 years of my life MASTERING the art of rap and musical performance…

…I was in a band, I went on national tours in the back of a van, and EVENTUALLY I was able to work my brand up enough to go on a tour around the GLOBE to over 15 countries on 3 continents…

…But the funny part was and IS… 

I’m not GLOBALLY famous. 

Sure I get recognized in the street sometimes, even in other countries… but I’m not some super famous rapper driving a Lamborghini.

I’m not even your stereotypical GANGSTA or GUTTER artist. I don’t fit in any of the stereotypes of a rapper and YET… 

I’ve been on national AND international tours, I run a pretty massive YouTube channel, the money is good, the women are great, and so I’ve wondered…

…If I’ve lived pretty much all my dreams as an artist… pretty much MOST of the dreams of any young artist…

From tours, to sold out shows, to women, to cash, to respect from my peers… 

Songwriting Tips Donald Glover
Rap stereotypes are dead


Maybe… just MAYBE you DON’T need to FIT into a stereotype to become a rapper these days.

Think about it: 

  • The #1 rapper in the world is a Canadian Jewish child actor, by his own description.
  • J. Cole, one of the most successful artists right now has a college degree and grew up in a nice suburban home in semi-rural North Carolina that he PUT on his album cover.
  • The most iconic rap video of the last few years was done by Childish Gambino who first blew up as a comedian making jokes about how he loved robots and how much of a nerd he is.
  • Rich Brian is an INDONESIAN teenager who had never even stepped FOOT into the United States until he already had a rap video and he taught himself not only how to rap but HOW TO SPEAK ENGLISH from watching YouTube videos and listening to THREE 6IX MAFIA.

YOUTUBERS are rappers now. ImDontai. JAKE PAUL?!

The REAL reason I was able to travel around the world JUST for my rapping and the reason YOU are able to become a rapper no matter who you are is…


You don’t need to be gangsta.

You don’t need to be gutter.

You don’t need to be rich.

You don’t need to talk a certain way.

You don’t need to dress in designer.

You don’t need to live in a certain part of town.

You don’t even need to be a NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKER.

The real reason you can become a rapper no matter who you are is because rap is now fully global and fully integrated into popular culture.

It is the PREMIERE style of music and as long as you’re GOOD…

…And that’s a BIG “IF” so be sure to watch our channel… 

But as long as you’re GOOD… you can become a successful rapper and travel the world.

Songwriting Course Berlin
Recording in Berlin, Germany

How To Be A Rapper In 2020

So to wrap up this video, I want to add one other point that has to do with this particular time, Spring 2020.

If you’ve had a dream to become a rapper… this may be the best time ever.

EVERYBODY is stuck at home with nothing to do but check their phones and discover new stuff online.

If you lock in for the next 3-6 months, you can reach them when they’re at their most ready. 

You can connect with them no matter who they are because EVERY type of person now listens to rap and IS a rapper. You won’t come off weird.

So with this in mind, I want you to comment below with your goals for the next six months as it relates to music. 

After that, consider picking up our course by clicking HERE which is only six weeks long and you’ve already knocked out 1/3rd of your six months to grind.

But no matter what, I hope this article resonated with you and you take this time SERIOUSLY and yourself SERIOUSLY and believe that just like all the artists I listed and myself as living proof…

…You CAN become a rapper.

COMMENT: What are your rap goals for the next six months?

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  1. Next six months the goal to improve my overall music style and skillset, I plan to grow a decent little fan base at least, specify my brand and start releasing super consistent content. I will MAKE it happen !

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