7 Signs That You’re Getting Better At Rapping

7 Signs That You’re Getting Better At Rapping

In today’s article, we’re going to give you a little bit of motivation for these trying times by describing 7 specific signs that you’re getting better at rapping.

Over the last decade and a half of rapping and half decade of COACHING rappers, the signs I’m going to list seem to be the most common indicators that someone is really “getting it” when it comes to improving their rap skills…

…And the best part is everyone of these signs can come at ANY point in your experience level, from beginner to advanced as an artist. 

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1. You Wake Up In The Morning With Original Music In Your Head

I wanted to start off with this because it’s a really good sign that you’re getting somewhere with this rap thing regardless of your “skill level” as an artist.

When I began taking rap more seriously, I began to notice that when I woke up or started daydreaming, choruses, entire lines of rap, or even “beats” would just pop into my head while my mind was wandering.

I think the reason for this happening is that once you’ve been rapping a lot and “restructuring your brain” to THINK IN MUSIC… 

…Your mind starts to get into a “hyper creative” mode where you now create music almost automatically without “trying”. 

I use the word “original music” in this sign because it’s important to know that you should be hearing YOUR ideas for music stuck in your head as opposed to just waking up with somebody else’s song on the radio stuck in your head…

…Because everybody even musicians get popular songs stuck in their head. But if YOU get YOUR music stuck in your head… that’s an AMAZING sign you’re getting better at rapping.

2. It’s Hard To Focus On Conversations Because You’re Thinking of Rhymes

This is somewhat similar to #1, but the difference is that it’s more rhyme focused and it’s a sign that lyrically you are starting to advance from beginner to intermediate.

Intermediate and advanced rappers have again “restructured their brain” through repetition and drilling to think of rhymes QUICKER than a beginner. 

One of the main signs of BEING a beginner (or out of practice rapper) is that thinking of rhymes is harder than someone more experienced. 

So, if you are someone that can create QUICKLY and AUTOMATICALLY even mid-conversation, it’s a great sign that you are getting better as a rapper… 

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Better At Rapping Face
You need to be zoned out on rhymes

3. Friends Introduce You As A Rapper

This is a HUGE sign that you are improving as a rapper. 

A good analogy might be if you starting going to the gym to get “swole”… the first few weeks nobody would notice any difference, even if you did… 

But after you’ve put in enough time and consistency… you’d start to hear comments like, “You look like you go to the gym” or “Hey man, do you work out?” Or even your friends would start saying things like, “I’m just trying to get swole like you…” 

A very similar phenomenon happens when you start getting better as a rapper. Eventually when you are dope enough, your friends will say things like, “This is so and so my homey… he is a rapper… you should check him out…” 

…Or probably the BEST example is when, if you’re a MALE watching this… your male homies tell a hot GIRL that you are a rapper..

‘Cause that’s pretty much shooting himself in the foot game-wise if he makes YOU look cooler than him to a girl he’s interested in, be he can’t help it ‘cause you’re getting better.

Overall if you get good enough as a rapper, eventually people will WANT to brag about knowing you because it will make THEM look better for being your friend… 

…So watch out for that sign. 

4. Friends Ask You To Rap At Random Points

This is another common occurrence once you start to become pretty good at a rap. 

Similar to friends introducing you as a rapper to make themselves look cool, when you are getting better at rapping they’ll ask you to rap at parties, when y’all are chilling, or whatever.

Essentially what has happened is your rapping has gotten to a point that it’s something of VALUE you to OTHERS

…And that’s really the first waypoint you want to reach in order to really call yourself a rap “artist”. 

Often as a coach when people ask me about marketing secrets, branding, or how to make money from rap…

…I have to slow them down and explain to them the first thing they need to make sure of is that their music is something of VALUE to the PUBLIC because no amount of marketing will promote something people don’t want.

I can put two scoops of dog doo doo into a Louis Vuitton purse and try to sell it you as a gift for your girlfriend, but I doubt she’s going to want to because dog doo doo is of no value to her. 

Marketing is the Louis Vuitton Purse, bad music is the dog doo doo. So make sure your music is of value to others.

Better At Rapping Homies
You ain’t nothing without your homeboys

5. You Find Famous Rappers You Think You Can “Take” 

This one can get a little dangerous because we ALL know delusional rappers who think they’re better than everyone else…

…But if you start hearing songs in the radio often that you know HOW the rappers made it, HOW they thought of the rhymes, HOW they structured the songs, etc. 

That’s a good sign you’re getting better. 

NOTE: There is a crucial difference between THINKING you’re better and KNOWING how to do what they do.

You can THINK you’re a better boxer than Floyd Mayweather and still get beat up. If you know how reproduce Mayweather’s moves in a boxing ring, you are starting to get better at boxing. Same thing here.

6. You Start Canceling Things To Go Rap

This is another underrated sign that up-and-coming rappers need to take heed of. 

Of the people who come to me for coaching, something like half of them think I as the coach should be “motivating them” to go rap.

That’s not how art works. John Lennon didn’t need to be “motivated” to pick up a guitar. Picasso didn’t need to be “motivated” to pick up a paintbrush.

John Lennon IGNORED other things in his life to get better at music. Picasso STOPPED doing other things to make art. I’m sure for those geniuses it became easier and easier to cancel other parts of life once they got GOOD.

Same thing with you: once you start wanting to do RAP more than OTHER things… you are getting better because you are “self-motivated” by YOUR skills improving. 

Not somebody telling you that you SHOULD do it.

Better At Rapping Buy
People need to want to buy your music

7. People Start Asking If You Have Music For Sale

I saved the most common sign for last. 

Most article that cover this topic start with this and I wanted to make sure that I gave you some more original, experienced notes before going with something so OBVIOUS…

…And yes it SHOULD be OBVIOUS that if people are PAYING for your music, you are getting better…

…But again it surprises me how many people try to research marketing, copyrighting, branding, etc. when they have NO evidence anyone wants to PAY for their services…

…Which in this case, your service is music… 

So, if you are being asked consistently where people can BUY your music, you are clearly on your way to getting better as an artist. 

Be sure to always keep that in mind when your mind is telling you to watch more music marketing tips. The STREETS will tell you when you’re ready, YOU can’t just tell yourself.

Food for thought.

COMMENT: Which of the 7 signs have you experienced before? Which ones do you hope to experience in 2020? 

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