How To Write Your First Rap Verse In 2021 (Step-By-Step)

How To Write Your First Rap Verse In 2021 (Step-By-Step)

In today’s article, if you follow the EXACT steps we tell you… 

You WILL have your first rap EVER… completely written from start to finish. 

That’s right. We’re going to show you how to write your first rap in 2021. 

OR… alternatively, if you’ve tried to write raps before and were disappointed by the output or even are just a rapper experiencing writer’s block… 

…This article will help guide through simple steps how to complete a rap quickly with little to no hassle. 

Why am I qualified to give you these steps? 

As somebody who’s has the honor and pleasure of creating the world’s first online “rap coaching” company over six years ago… 

…Along with almost 20 years of rapping experience and 15+ countries visited on world tours from my rapping alone…

…I feel my mixture of personal experience as a full-time rapper and even more importantly as a professional rap COACH will help put you at ease that this guide will be of service to you…

…So if you are interested in learning how to write your first rap in 2021 or are experiencing any form of writer’s block, this is the video for you. 

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Step 1: What To Your Write First Rap Verse With 

Now the first question you’re probably wondering, is “what do I write my first rap with? Should I use a pen and a pad, should I use my phone, should I just write to rap spontaneously, etc.?” 

Handwritten: Eminem, Nas, etc. 

The most common old-school way to do it is handwrite it with a pen and pad, like most rappers did back in the 1980’s, 1990’s, and in the early 2000’s. 

This is the way that heralded names like Eminem, Nas, and other did. 

The advantage with handwriting is that it forces you to “think” more about your lyrics as you write them, since it’s obviously much slower than a phone or thinking in your mind…

…And there’s a nice “tactile”, or touch-based, element to it where you can FEEL what you’ve written, be proud of what you’ve accomplished, and after you’ve been doing this for a while, you have your own personal “library” of notebooks to look back on. 

Phonewritten: Drake, Logic, etc. 

Rappers who came up in the late 2000’s up to the 2010’s commonly write their rhymes on their phone (or laptop), which is a totally viable option as well. 

(Now, for all the folks who see Drake on this list I know we’re going to see a bunch of “he reads from his phone because ghostwriters sent him a text of the verses” jokes, but we’re not gonna touch that issue with a 10-foot pole in this particular article)…

In any case, the phone is a great way to write raps because you ALREADY always have it on you, you can write your rhymes a lot QUICKER and you can edit a lot easier. 

I would say this is likely the most common way modern rappers write their rhymes, so you might just want to get on this bandwagon…

Mindwritten: Jay-Z, Lil’ Wayne, Biggie, etc. 

…Or you can go for extra credit and try to just “think of the rhymes” in your head like Jay-Z, Lil’ Wayne, and other do. 

The advantage here is that you first look AMAZINGLY cool and brilliant doing it of course, but also that means you’ll never have to look for an object near you to write a rap. 

Additionally, once you get good at this, you will “write” raps INCREDIBLY fast since you’re just using your mind to rap, and it can be AFTER its mastered… the most painless way to do this. 

The difficulty is that when you first start this, it will be INCREDIBLY slow because your mind will not be used to it. 

I personally suggest going through this video with one of the first two options AND then worrying about mastering mindwrittens down the road. 

* (Go grab your notepad or notes app right now) * 

Step 2: What To Write Your First Rap Verse About 

Now, there’s a million things you can rap about and hopefully this won’t be the only time you sit down and write a rap…

…But for the purposes of this article, we’ve gone is researched what the most common topics to rap about are, based on the top 100 rap songs according to a ranked Google search…

…And what we’ve found is that there’s a common theme, among the Eminems, the 2Pacs, the Kendricks, and so on when they rap in their first verse, and that is…


In other words, you describing your struggle, your difficulties in your environment, etc. but in FIRST PERSON and describing it as if it’s happening right now. 

That’s how songs like “Cleaning Out My Closet” by Eminem, “Hate It or Love It” by 50 Cent and The Game, and “Changes” by 2Pac start. 

(Pick one of the frustrating circumstances listed below to write about)

Break-Up / Relationship Troubles

No Money and Nowhere To Get It

School Environments is Awful

Music Career Not Taking Off

Can’t Trust Fake Friends

Enemies Plotting On Your Rise 

Family Life Is Dysfunctional 

Step 3: How Long Your First Rap Verse Should Be 

Now, there’s a common length among rap verses in rap history and that’s “16 bars”… you might of heard that expression. 

Now, “bars” is an expression or “keyword” in rap… it’s also a music theory term that has a slightly different definition… 

But for the purposes of this article, just think of a “bar” as one line of rap, but I would suggest picking up the free How To Rap Dictionary mentioned in the beginning of this article by clicking HERE to learn more about bars and how they relate to rap in addition to hundreds of other words you need to know…

So, 16 lines of rap, 16 lines your notebook or phone… 16 “bars” is what we want you to write. 

(Write the numbers 1-16 on your phone or notepad, with one number per line)

Step 4: Where To Put The Rhymes In Your First Rap Verse 

I know you’re probably envisioning the Eminems, the Kendricks, the Coles and they have rhymes flying EVERYWHERE and you’re wondering how do that…

…We’re not going to overwhelm you with that right now, but if you want to go more in-depth, we have a training that will show you how to create an INFINITE number of rhymes which you can find by clicking HERE

Right now, we just want you to worry about rhyming words at the END of each line… at the end of the bar. 

16 bars (“lines”) and rhyme words at the END of each line. 

Step 5: Whether You Need A Beat In Your First Rap Verse 

Now, the most powerful thing about rap is the interaction between two rhythms… the vocal rhythm, the flow, the cadence… 

…And the rhythm of the instrumental (or the beat), the drums, the melody, etc. 

Of course that’s gonna be a big thing, but we’re not going to use that now and overwhelm you… 

Part of the reason you were probably a little nervous about learning how to rap is because you had a million questions about the beat… 

“Beat fear” 

How do I choose the beat? How do I stay on beat? Where do I find beats? etc.

All that stuff… let’s not overwhelm you, let’s just worry about getting this done, we got 16 bars, we got first person narrative, we got rhyming… WE GOT A LOT, let’s focus on that. 

Step 6: Your First Rap Verse Bars 1-4… Imagery 

Okay, the moment of decision, the big moment… let’s write your first rap. 

Now, let me give you a quick piece of advice, 16 bars or lines of rap seems like a lot to write your first rap… 

So what I would suggest is using the 4-bar method, or focusing on 4-bars (or lines of rap) at a time. 

Much better and easier to organize your thoughts and rhymes four bars at a time then trying to “climb the mountain” of 16 bars in total. 

That way you can come back, change your rhymes on those 4 bars if you want, review what you’ve written, etc. 

So, on this step we’re just going to focus on the first 4 bars. So what I want you to do in these four bars is tell me, as a fan, from a first person perspective…

…Some images, from a first person perspective, some images from that frustrating circumstance that you chose in Step 2… 

Whether that’s your relationship struggles, money woes, fake friends, etc. 

Tell me in JUST four bars WHAT that looks like. 

( *Write Bars 1-4 of Your First Rap Verse* ) 

Step 7: Your First Rap Verse Bars 5-8… How People Feel Around You

Alright, you’ve started becoming a rapper! Awesome! 

So you’ve told me as a fan about your present frustrating circumstances FOR YOUR PERSPECTIVE in those first 4 bars…

What your emotions are from your perspective, what you think about what’s around you, etc. 

Next, I want you to tell me what others AROUND you feel about the circumstances… 

How do your homies feel about the hard times? What does your family think about the frustration going through? Your relationship? 

Spend the next 4 bars telling me as your listeners what others think about these tough moments you’re going through. 

( *Write Bars 5-8 of Your First Rap Verse* ) 

Step 8: Your First Rap Verse Bars 9-12… How You’ll Make It Out

You’re halfway through your first rap! Congratulations! That’s amazing.

(By the way, if you’ve made it this far and you’re enjoying this content again be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel with notifications for more video trainings on topics just like this by clicking HERE

So, you’ve told me, your new fan, about what YOU feel about your tough times… 

You’ve told me what OTHER people in your life think about the frustrating circumstances in your environment… 

Now tell me, WHAT are you going to do to make it out of this difficult moment in your life’s story? 

How are you going hustle and grind your way out of it? Are you going to leave that tough relationship? Are you going to leave that negative family dynamic? 

Tell me what you’re going to do to make it out. 

( *Write Bars 9-12 of Your First Rap Verse* ) 

Step 9: Your First Rap Verse Bars 13-16… How Success Will Feel

And lastly… you’re so close, this is amazing, you should already be feeling more creative and proud of what you’ve accomplished in music! 

Now, you’ve told me how YOU feel about the tough times… 

You’ve told me what other people close to you think about it…

…You’ve taken me through a journey, you’ve told me how you’re gonna make it out, you have a plan to change your story…

Now with the last four bars, tell me how it’s gonna FEEL when you’ve successfully made it out. 

How is it going feel to ball out with your homies? What does your new life look like? Tell me what it’s like to be LIT!

Tell me about it, I HAVE to know as your NEW FAN! Haha

( *Write Bars 13-16 of Your First Rap Verse* )

Step 10 Bonus: Rap Your First Rap Verse Out-Loud, Slow-To-Fast

Congrats! You’ve finished your first rap verse EVER! That’s incredible. 

You can call yourself a rapper now officially, I truly believe if you write… you’re a writer, if you act, you’re an actor…

…And if you rap, which you’ve just done… you’re a rapper. Feel good about yourself! 

Now, the bonus I want to send to you is if you want to practice rapping it out loud, be sure to start slow and speed up as you practice. 

Much like an instrument where you learn the piece slowly and then speed up the tempo as your fingers get more comfortable, use your rapping vocals the same way and slowly work up the tempo as you get your voice more crisp. 

Focus on consonants like C’s, D’s, B’s, and S’s to make it sound more crispy and stingy as you go along. 

Additionally, be sure to comment below with your story about what song made you FIRST want to learn how to rap. 

COMMENT: How many rap verses of you written in your life?

Drew Morisey, @drewmorisey on Instagram and Twitter