How To Stay Motivated To Make Music

How To Stay Motivated To Make Music

In today’s article, we’re going to teach you how to stay motivated to make music through some in-depth discussion…

This music career motivation will show you how to stay motivated to make music through a variety of different methods that will help guarantee your success!

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Musicians Help Music Career Motivation

The first thing you must do is to get around other musicians. 

There is nothing that can replace the motivation that comes from being around…

People are who are motivated.

Let’s face it, for the most part we musicians are homeboys and keep to ourselves most of the time.

Part of the reason for this is that we’re busy learning to perfect our craft!

However, when a bout of self-doubt creeps in and we slow down on our productivity…

…The only way to truly stay motivated to make music is to find somebody who’s still surging with motivation.

How To Stay Motivated To Make Music: Hiking The Mountain

Imagine your musical development like a hiking a mountain.

The goal of reaching the mountain’s summit that you’ve been wanting to do for a long time and you view others who have achieved it with a healthy dose of respect.

At some point, you decide YOU’RE going to climb the mountain yourself, and prove once and for all you’re just as good as anyone else.

If you decide to do it alone, while the first hour or so might be enjoyable and you’re thankful you decided to not invite anyone…

…As the afternoon sun starts to get at its peak, you start sweating, you might get confused if you’re off the trail, and you might tell yourself it’s time to take a break.

Once you sit down you begin to feel like your leg aches, you’re thinking about your bed and air conditioning back home, and even though you’ve only been traveling for around a hour…

You’re already starting to convince yourself that this entire hike thing was a bad idea.

“Who hikes by themselves, anyway? Serial killers burying dead bodies in the woods, that’s who”

So you convince your self this was all a waste of time and start walking back down towards the rest of civilization.

How To Stay Motivated To Make Music Hiking
Staying Motivated To Make Music Is Like Hiking A Mountain

Music Career Motivation With A Team

NOW on the flip side, if you take somebody with you… especially someone who’s equally motivated to climb the mountain…

That first hour will whiz by like it’s nothing, and as the morning sun starts hitting…

You might still take a break, but this time you have to agree with your hiking partner.

They might tell you, “I’m actually not that tired yet… let’s go for like another 30 minutes”. 

In those situations, what do we all do? 

We ALL say, “F it, alright okay let’s keep going”.

Truth be told, half of the time we just say that to protect our egos. We are JUST as tired and hot as we would have been on our own…

…But having somebody else hiking right there with you, you end up wanting to “save face” and you keep hiking. 

Another 30 minutes passes, and it seems like your buddy isn’t even WINDED yet.

At first, you don’t say anything and just keep looking at this cat like, “Doesn’t he notice that’s been past 30 minutes? Does this dude ever get tired? WTF!”

But again, you keep walking because you don’t want to look stupid in front of this person…

…PLUS it was your idea to go to the summit of the mountain in the first place! 

Another 30 minutes passes with your hiking homey rambling on about God knows what after TWO straight hours of walking…

Already TWICE of what you would’ve done on your own… 

You can’t take it anymore.

“BRO! We gotta stop and take a break. It’s been like two hours non-stop, the sun is beating, I need some water. Don’t you ever get tired?”

Your homey stops. 

He doesn’t say anything, just stares blankly.

You feel the tension in the air. 

He turns his head and looks up to the right.


He raises an arm and points up to the summit of the mountain.

“Top of the mountain’s just five more minutes walk, man. We’re here. Chill out bro.”

You look up and sure enough it’s right there.


You walk five more minutes and you’ve reached the destination you’ve been waiting for this whole time.

How To Stay Motivated To Make Music Tired

Find Someone To Climb The Mountain With

Moral of the story here is that no true success was made simply own your own.

Despite what you may see in the “self-made” culture of today, truth be told EVERYTHING is made in teams.

Ironically, even the most well-known rap album named Self-Made by Rick Ross’ MMG Records…

…is a compilation made by his team of rappers.

In other words, you need to start getting out of your shell RIGHT NOW in order to ensure that you are able to keep pushing when the time is right.

Additionally, think about the fact that in order to make more money and impact more people…

You will need “you” to be in several places at once.

In other words, you will need a team around you make decisions and execute on plans that will help you make an impact on the game.

For example, let’s say that you plan to host a charity event at the high school you went to with the intention of inspiring the kids to follow their dreams.

  • Do you think that YOU specifically as the main star, the person on tour, shooting videos, recording songs will be doing the planning for this event?
  • Do you think you’ll be personally calling the school and asking how many chairs they have available for the kids?
  • Will you instructing the school which mics to have?
  • Will you even be driving your own car to the event?

Probably not. Your TEAM will be doing that.

Of course, initially you have to be your own best teammate, but as QUICKLY as possible, you need to bring people to your aid.

So stay motivated by bringing other people along the climb up this mountain with you! 

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