How To Build A Fanbase At Warp Speed

How To Build A Fanbase At Warp Speed


Today, we’re going to show you how to build a fanbase using the ONLY two methods that are available to you as an artist if you want to increase your fanbase at blazing hot speed… 

We’ll provide you the way that 95% of businesses and major artists do it, and then we’ll show you how to market your music for free if that is a non-negotiable at this time…

So, let’s break down exactly how to build a fanbase at blazing speed no matter what your budget is! 

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You Must Have A Team To Increase Your Fanbase

If you plan to have your career go viral at ALL, you must have a team around you do the things you cannot do.

Either you can get a team NOW and save yourself the headache, OR you can wait and be forced to get one later on.

But EVERY major artist has a team, do not doubt that.

Hire A Team or Inspire A Team

There are only two ways to have MASSIVE growth to increase your fanbase: 

Hire A Team

Invest money to get people to work to help you increase your fanbase or…

Inspire A Team 

Use friends or fans who are inspired by your vision to work for free

Building A Team To Increase Your Fanbase

If you plan to hire a team to increase your fanbase, use affordable freelancer sites like,, and to get your best bang for your buck.

If you plan to learn how to market your music for free, inspire a team by (obviously) making the best music possible, looking at ways to offer value to their strengths, and presenting a vision to them that makes them want to collaborate. 

How To Build A Fanbase A$AP Rocky
Best way to learn how to market your music for free? Make the best music!

You MUST Have A Team To Increase Your Fanbase

Have you ever wondered…

  • How even an INDEPENDENT artist you’ve never heard of is able to be so active on social media… or have professional style videos done…

Have you ever wondered…

  • How rappers that you consider drug-addicted idiots who can’t speak the language properly are able to get million dollar deals or have the BEST social media access?

It all comes from the TEAM around them.

At the end of the day, you can be high 24/7, uneducated, and basically a full-time A$$HOLE and still have a multimillion dollar business…

As long as you have a team around you.

Now YOU, my dear reader, may actually be smart, a natural leader, and have GOOD music…

So all the more reason having a TEAM will take you to the next level. 

How To Build A Fanbase Using A Team

There are only TWO ways to get a team:

HIRE a team or INSPIRE a Team

Hiring A Team – Advantages and Disadvantages 

The advantage to hiring a team is that they will usually get what you ask done ON TIME and PROFESSIONALLY because you are…


Additionally, if you put out good product (good music, good leadership, whatever)…

Overtime, they can become INSPIRED to help you and will actually give more value to you than their price point…

Because they are not INVESTED emotionally not just financially.

Last major advantage to HIRING a team is you have more freedom to pick people with specific EXPERTISE…

And will have to train them less or move them around the staff due to them not having a “particular set of skills” for whatever you need them for.

An example being, if you HIRE a videographer who has worked with major artists before, they will execute most of your video work FLAWLESSLY and probably better than you could train them…

As opposed to getting a FRIEND to do it for free, spending time training them… 

And then being disappointed with the result because they’re not an “expert”.

Increase Your Fanbase Ferg
Paid team members allow you to guarantee more expertise

The disadvantages to hiring a team are…

…Conversely to the advantages, they MAY not be inspired and may just be like a robot working for you. 

Also, there’s always the danger of somebody BUYING them out simply due to paying them more. 

This is something you’ll always have to consider, and the more they work, the more money they want.

Additionally, you have no guarantee that somebody you’re hiring or just straight up PAYING for will “mesh” well with other team members.

This is the opposite of if you have a team full of friends you knew before the business. 

The easiest and most affordable way to start hiring a team is to use freelancer sites like,, and

We cover this topic in more detail in our “Music Branding” article which you can find by clicking HERE (link).

How To Market Your Music For Free – Inspire A Team

The other option is to INSPIRE a team.

In this case, what you do is offer SO much value to them that they’d want to work for you for free.

The easiest way to offer value to them is of course… make music SO good that they’re inspired to work with you.

This is not a trivial point.

If your music is not good enough that people are offering to help you along the way, then your first step really should be getting better at your craft…

…Instead of watching hours of “how to market your music for free” videos.

As we like to say, “the best music IS the best marketing”.

How To Market Your Music For Free Kendrick
The Best Music Is The Best Marketing!

Now, with that being said…

Outside of offering just great music, you can identify your friends particular creative interests and find odd jobs for them to do for you that helps them explore it…

For example in my case, I have a friend of mine doing most of my social media for our new blog and Instagram page, Rap Game Now

She is a big fan of Gary Vaynerchuk’s work, and so the freedom to run an Instagram page and practice her Gary Vee style marketing runs RIGHT in line with her personal goals…

To become an expert in Gary-style marketing…

And so “working for me” for free is actually a VALUE as opposed to a job.

So, identify the strengths and interests of your friends around you and as the Godfather would say, “make them an offer they can’t refuse”.

An offer they can’t refuse is free exposure and experience in an art form that they enjoy. 

Increase Your Fanbase Gary Vaynerchuk
Gary Vaynerchuk is the social media G.O.A.T.

Make Your Free Team Feel Powerful

The last trick here is to make sure that IF you do get a friend (or fan) to work for you for free… you make them the “director” or “head” of a department.

Even if there is no real DEPARTMENT, just use a catchy job title for them to feel like they’re more invested in your career.

Going back to our Instagram friend example, I told her from the jump that she is the director of that Instagram page.

She can feel free to do it however she wants and build the fanbase however she wants in the short term… 

Which makes her feel like she can practice her own creative goals on this “free job” and doesn’t just feel like she’s working for nothing.

Make sure when you learn how to market your music for free that you’re making your FREE team feel BETTER than paid.


You Must Have A Team To Increase Your Fanbase

No matter what you plan to do in life, if you want to do it BIG… you need a team.

The same goes for your music career. Every major artist has one.

Hire A Team or Inspire A Team

The only ways to EXPLODE your fanbase is get a team in one of these two methods:

Hire A Team

Pay somebody to do the things you shouldn’t do so you focus on music…

Inspire A Team 

Get people who BELIEVE in you to work for you for free

Building A Team To Increase Your Fanbase

If you are going to hire a team, use affordable freelancer websites like,, and

Advantages to hiring: guaranteed expert, can lead to inspiration, more professional

Disadvantages to hiring: can get “bought out”, may just be a robot

If you are going to inspire a team, make you give them some creative freedom so they feel like they are getting a lot of value

Your MUSIC is the best way to inspire someone to work for you. If they REALLY like your music… they will feel inspired to help

Comment below: 

What team member do you need THE MOST right now?

Drew Morisey, @drewmorisey on Instagram and Twitter