How To Rhyme Any Word In 10 Steps

How To Rhyme Any Word In 10 Steps

In today’s article, we’re going to show you how to rhyme literally any word that you come across. 

The beauty of the system you’re about to learn is that it first and foremost works with any word of ANY length, so even nonsense words like supercalifragilisticexpaladocious work… 

…And even better, it can be used for ANY language, or even BETWEEN languages, such as rhyming “bonjour” with “long sword” or “que pasa” with “fake rasta”, etc. 

Also, you won’t need any rhyming dictionaries or rhyming websites to do this which is an extra bonus because you don’t want to have crutches. 

Now we’re confident this system will work for you as well since we’ve been coaching people how to rap as the #1 subscribed YouTube channel on learning rapping for almost 10 years now… 

And everything you’ll learn will be simple and straightforward, since all you’ll need to perform these easy steps to rhyme any word and learn how to rhyme in rap is…

An alphabet, the ability to count syllables, and somewhere to write down your rhymes. 

So, without further ado… let’s teach you how to rhyme in rap and how to rhyme any word in 10 easy steps. 

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#1 Choose A One-Syllable Word

The first step is to pick your word. 

Make sure that it’s one-syllable because once you learn this system, you’re going to be able to mix and match syllables but we’ll start with a very simple style and then build from there. 

So choose a one-word syllable. Let’s go with word “safe” for example. 

#2 Write An Alphabet With Your Word Above It

Write the alphabet, from letters A-Z on a notepad or in a notes app. 

The reason for this will be explained in the next step. 

But for now, just write the entire alphabet with one letter for each line. 

Then put your chosen word to rhyme above, so in our case, we have “flows” at the top.

This is to help remind you of what word you’re trying to rhyme at all times.

#3 Write Your Word On The Same Line As The Letter It Starts With

Next, write your word a second time down next to the letter that it starts with. 

So in this case, you would place the word “flows” next to the letter F since it starts with that letter. 

At this point, you should have the word “flows” at the top, you should have the alphabet down the page, and you should have the word “flows” next to the letter F. 

The next step is where the magic really starts to happen. 

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#4 Write All One Syllable Words That Have The Same Ending 

Alright, next thing I want you to do is to write all of the words you can think of that have the EXACT same ending (as far as pronunciation but not necessarily spelling, ‘because English is weird…) as the word you’re trying to rhyme…

…But a different beginning, based on the first letter it uses. 

The easiest way to learn this and get good at this is by going down the alphabet. 

So, in our case… the letter “A” doesn’t work because that word would be “a-ows” which would sound weird… 

(But you could do something like “ayo’s” as in the greeting “ayo”… as in, “When I walk down the block I hear so many “ayo’s” ‘cause of the way I make flows… but that’s a little advanced so let’s keep it simple) 

With this in mind, go to the letter B… and you have the word “bows” as in tying a bow. So write that down. 

But you also have the word “blows” and the word “bro’s”, so right that. 

Next go to the letter C. You have the word “chose”, you have the word “crows”, you have the word “close” and so on. 

Now – take a minute and notice that just by doing this Alphabet Trick… you already have 5-6 words that rhyme with the word FLOWS in just a few short seconds. 

So, use this system to quickly come up with one-syllable rhymes for ANY word at ANY time. 

But things get even deeper. 

#5 Write All One Syllable Words That Have a Different Ending, But “Stretch Rhyme” 

Now, if you notice all of the rhymes we CHOSE there (haha) are ‘perfect’ rhymes, meaning that as far as pronunciation GOES (another rhyme, you can put that on G)…

…They rhyme perfectly with no need to stretch or morph anything about the way you’re saying them. 

But you can actually “rhyme” even MORE weirds using this system if you change the ending of the word a little bit but still use the alphabet system. 

So, let’s go back to the top of the alphabet and start trying to “stretch rhyme” words with “flows”. 

Well, if we look back at the letter B… we already have perfect rhymes such as “bros” and “blows”… but what if we added in the word BOATS, as in…

“I’m sliding on these FLOWS / Like I’m riding on some BOATS” 

See what we did there? It’s not a perfect rhyme, but we adjust the ending and the enunciation a little bit and now it’s commonly accepted as a “rhyme” to the listener’s ear. 

Therefore, you can access TONS of more words using this stretch rhyme method such as with the letter C… 

“They drowning in these FLOWS / ’Til your mans is finna CHOKE” (stretch rhyme) 

The letter D… “They addicted to these tracks like DOPE / Fans want to rap my FLOWS” 

And so on.

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#6 Write Another Alphabet And Choose Another Word

Now that you know how to find rhymes for any word on a one-syllable level… 

Let’s show you how to make your rhymes more advanced. 

You see, up to this point we’ve shown you how to rhyme words on a ONE syllable basis. Which is the building block for any person to be able to rap. 

Most raps have at least a few one syllable rhymes. Entire careers are based on this simple direct rhyme scheme. 

However, if you notice when you ONLY rhyme one syllable at a time… it starts to sound like some 1980’s simple rap elementary stuff… 

(If you add a cheesy 80’s voice then you really feel that) 

So, what if we were able to right here right now make your rhymes sound even MORE advanced instantly by adding ANOTHER syllable to rhyme right next to the first? 

Let’s do that. 

So, for this, what we want you to do is write another alphabet right next to the first, and choose another word to rhyme with then writing at the top. 

So in this case, let’s choose the word “man” as in. “Listen as this MAN FLOWS”.

So, I write the word “MAN” on top of the second alphabet. Also be sure to write the word “man” next to the letter M on your second alphabet as well. 

#7 Go Through The Same Process As Steps 4-5

Now, the next step is simply go through the same process for rhymes with “MAN” that you did with “flows”, finding both perfect and stretch rhymes along the way of the alphabet. 

So, in this case, you can “hand”, “grand”, “can’t”, and so on. 

NOTE: This is may seem INTENSE at first if you’ve never done this before, but TRUST me over time…

You WILL and can be able to do this without even needing a page to write it down. 

This part of the way people are able to freestyle rap effortlessly without ever stopping. 

They have mentally internalized the ability to “create rhymes out of thin air” by essentially learning this process by mental muscle memory. 

You CAN do this as well. Don’t believe be me? Why is it that there are literally THOUSANDS of people that can freestyle off the top around the planet rhyming about things around them? 

It’s because they have learned a process like this one, where they can “create rhymes” from their mind. So if THOUSANDS around the world can do it, you can do it too. 

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Anyway, once you have two nice full columns of perfect rhymes and stretch rhymes, you can move on to the next step. 

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#8 Mix-And-Match The Columns To Find Good “Multisyllable Rhymes”

Now, look at your page. You should have a nice big LIBRARY of rhymes to choose from. 

But if you notice… the words NEXT TO EACH OTHER may not have any logical connection.

So for example, “brand” and “flows” may not have any easy connection for you to make a punchline out of so you wouldn’t want to rhyme those together… 

But HAND and BLOWS does, as in “hit you with hand blows”… 

And MAN and FLOWS does. So you can MIX and MATCH those phrases to create a rhyme like… 

“Hit you with HAND BLOWS / For dissing this MAN’S FLOWS”… 

Or “Do you wonder where did you FANS GO? / They listen to your MAN’S FLOWS” and so… 

But EVEN BETTER… you can actually find TWO SYLLABLE words that work in this system and rhyme with the two combined syllables. 

So, what if I was to create a punchline, like “For dissing this MAN’S FLOWS / I hit you with HAND BLOWS / Like the wick of a CAND-LE”?

Notice what I did there? I took a TWO SYLLABLE word that has the same rhymes of each individual column. 

By doing it that way, I open up a HUGE world of possibilities. Now I can not only rhyme CANDLES with MAN’S FLOWS… 

…I also have other two syllable words at my disposal, such as SANDALS, SHAMBLES, or even THANOS… 

That’s how you get interesting and original rhymes like… 

“I could hit you HAND BLOWS

Like the wick of some CANDLES 

You wack… but my bars snap… 

‘Like the fingers of THANOS” 

Example Bars


Now, we go further into this in our “Beginner To Eminem Rhyme Schemes” article which you can find by clicking HERE, but let’s just lock in what we did there in the next step. 

#9 Choose A Two Syllable Word and Split It Into Two Columns

Okay, so now you inherently know that you can find a two syllable word that rhymes with two individual words and it sounds more advanced than just rhyming one syllable words. 

Even better, with rhymes like, “man flows” and “Thanos”, you know that NAMES can rhyme with individual words in combination. 

So, let’s take a name like “Ali” as in Muhammad Ali and see what we can find. The name Ali has TWO syllables. 

So much like we just did there in the last step, split Ali into to two syllables, with two columns, placing each syllable at the top.

#10 Go Through The Same Process As Steps 6-8

Next, you can go through the same alphabet process, finding possible rhymes and then mixing and matching. 

Sometimes what you’ll find is you don’t even need to wait to split the words into two… 

For example as I’m writing this, I can already thing of “body” and “Ali” as rhyming, which is nice because they are both logically connected.

Once you’ve gone through the mix-and-match process, you should have a BUNCH of two-syllable rhyme patterns to work with on the name Ali…

And you can create lines such as, “If cats want to TRY ME / I’m jabbing they BODY / I’m an accurate ALI” or whatever.

This skill can extend to three or even four syllable words or even more. 

That’s where you can come up with lines like “In this battle I can see your BELIEF CAVING IN / ‘Cause I stole your girl faster than PETE DAVIDSON” or whatever.

BONUS: The Eminem “Orange” Test 

Let’s end with a little fun bonus. 

Slim Shady fans will notice that Eminem has actually described a lot of what we taught here when he mentioned that while nothing perfectly rhymes with “orange”… 

…You can split it in two and rhyme “door hinge”. And then all you have to do is find something that rhymes with “door hinge” like “more cringe”, and so on. 

However, you can even do one better if you focus on just stretch rhyming the ending and enunciation. 

You can ALSO rhyme ORANGE with JORDANS or SOARING… 

…And then you will have TONS of rhymes with those words, just as FOREIGN, boring, and so on. 

Therefore, don’t feel scared to stretch a little farther to get the best rhymes if you can. 

…And feel free to come back to this article ANY TIME you are having trouble or feeling stuck, and go through the process again. 

Don’t give up and do NOT just stop after 2-3 minutes. Push through and over time your mind WILL get used to it and that 2-3 minutes will turn into 2-3 seconds, trust me.

COMMENT: Based on what you learned, give us your best rhyme scheme (or punchlines) for “How To Rap” . Remember to rhyme all 3 syllables. 

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